About Shipeezi

It all started with a game changing idea!

Shipeezi is a freight and logistics company, with a data-driven, highly integrated and fully customisable solution for the supply chain and moving industry.

Shipeezi is an ecosystem in supply chain visibility™.

Our technology was developed using our first-hand experience in distribution, shipping, logistics, and moving. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our team of developers have worked hard to solve supply chain issues that impede the effectiveness of global operations.


Because of our ability to pivot quickly, our platform is incredibly adaptable and solution-focused. We work with world-class industry leaders on a daily basis to ensure our system, workflows and processes align with the challenges the supply chain is currently facing.

Shipeezi continues to go from strength to strength, and the good news… we are just getting started.

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Our mission is clear

A commitment to innovation

At Shipeezi, our mission is to empower businesses with the tools they need to streamline and optimize their supply chain management processes. We are committed to providing a powerful, user-friendly SaaS solution that allows our customers to easily manage their inventory, track shipments, and streamline their order fulfillment process.

Our goal is to help businesses of all sizes reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction by providing them with a comprehensive, cloud-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

Through our commitment to innovation and customer service, we strive to be the leading provider of supply chain management tools in the market, enabling businesses to operate at their highest potential and achieve their goals.

A driven CEO with a thirst for innovation

Founder and CEO of Shipeezi, Carlos Ferri was born in Brazil and immigrated to Australia in 2009.

He launched his first company with the aim of making deliveries more efficiently and in just 12 months, the business had grown from one truck to four trucks.

Even though he was growing, Carlos noticed that his drivers were still heavily dependent on him, asking questions like “Where can I park? What’s the best petrol station to fuel up at?” and so on.

Seeing this, Carlos made a bold move, sold his trucks and focused more on the management of logistics and warehouse operations through his role with Grace Brothers. It didn’t take long for stakeholders to notice how efficiently the warehouse was running, and his management portfolio expanded to all Australian international warehouses.

Carlos knew there was a better way to track and manage incoming deliveries, so he self-funded the development of a tablet-based solution. Within a few months, the software had been distributed Australia-wide, and others in the industry began asking if they could get on board.

In 2021, Carlos consolidated his business ventures into Shipeezi. To date, Shipeezi is active in over 35 countries and handles more than $25bn worth of inventory each year.


Our team has built the world's most innovative supply chain solution... want to join us?

In order to achieve our ambitious goals, we are looking to our diverse, global team to push the boundaries of what’s possible, get stuck in, and grow with us. Do you want in?