FIDI Conference in Bangkok Recap: Shipeezi’s CEO Carlos Ferri Emphasises Importance of Digitisation in the Moving Industry

Apr 27, 2023

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The FIDI Conference in Bangkok was an incredible event that brought together industry leaders and experts from all over the world. As a Major Partner of the conference, Shipeezi was proud to sponsor the President’s Cocktail Event and contribute to the success of the conference.


The conference featured a range of engaging workshops and seminars, including a workshop on the importance of digitization in the moving industry, led by Carlos Ferri, our Founder and CEO. Carlos discussed the challenges facing the moving industry and emphasized the need for digitization to drive efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

During the workshop, Carlos highlighted the importance of real-time data and visibility in the moving industry. By leveraging digitization and technology, businesses in the moving industry can optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve customer experience. Carlos also discussed the benefits of Shipeezi’s innovative platform, which provides businesses with real-time data and insights into every aspect of their moving operations.


The FIDI Conference in Bangkok was an excellent opportunity to connect with industry peers, share insights and knowledge, and learn about the latest trends and technologies in the moving industry. Shipeezi was proud to be a Major Partner of the conference and contribute to its success.

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