Shipeezi Announces Global Partnership with Maritime Analytics Provider MarineTraffic

Jan 25, 2023

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Shipeezi™ Announces Global Partnership with MarineTraffic
Data powerhouse and SaaS innovator join forces to end fragmentation within the supply chain and global moving industry


Shipeezi™ and MarineTraffic announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will bolster shipment visibility, management and predictability for customers across the supply chain and moving industry at a global scale.

The agreement brings together the Shipeezi™ platform which serves as a horizontal integrator for the supply chain and moving industry and the MarineTraffic Visibility for containers, vessels and weather solutions, which provides real-time carrier independent tracking insights powered with AIS and Machine Learning. Shipeezi™, the global integrator and control tower for the supply chain and moving industry, and MarineTraffic, the world’s leading vessel tracking and maritime analytics provider, joined forces to provide supply chain visibility and agility to their customers.

Shipeezi™ is passionate about ending fragmentation across both the supply chain and moving industry. The SaaS company prides itself on being a digital integrator and horizontal software solution that connects all stakeholders, from point of origin to point of destination, including all modes of transport.

In addition to managing the end to end workflow and documentation, customers are able to track containers in real-time, from all shipping lines, view ETAs and manage notifications directly through the Shipeezi™ dashboard.

“Partnering with MarineTraffic ensures our users are provided with not only real-time visibility of their shipments at any time throughout their ocean journey and but have up to the minute data updates to make informed decisions and with the automate notifications and workflows available” said Carlos Ferri, Founder & CEO of Shipeezi™. “As a result of this partnership, companies are already recording a significant drop in their demurrage, detention, and storage charges as well as overall operational costs”.

“The integration of MarineTraffic Visibility for Containers Solution to the Shipeezi™ platform, provides companies with the most accurate predictive ETA’s for each stop up to the final port of discharge for their seaborne shipments. Blind spots are eliminated and users can rest assured that they have all the essential data to adjust their planning and improve efficiency at any time” said Alex Charvalias, Supply Chain In-Transit Visibility Lead at MarineTraffic.



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