Product Launch: Shipeezi Introduces Lite Version Of Their Supply Chain Version

Dec 16, 2022

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Retailers, moving companies, freight forwarders and logistics service providers who have small scale needs are now able to track their ocean containers and automate workflows with a new tracking tool available through supply chain visibility company Shipeezi.


With Shipeezi Shipment Tracking, the Australia-based logistics tech company has trimmed down their vertical supply chain management platform and end-to-end visibility software, to a simplified state that gives smaller companies the visibility they need. Users can track a container’s gate in/out departures, consolidate ports, track arrival times, and view current statuses. The platform also offers automations including stakeholder notifications and predictive ETAs.

“We always say Shipeezi is a logistics and freight company who specialise in tech, not the other way round. For this reason, we understand the needs of the industry and the importance of visibility when it comes to building resilient supply chains”, Carlos Ferri, CEO and Founder of Shipeezi. “In the past, SMEs have been left behind when it comes to new technology and innovation, because often implementation comes at a price that is prohibitive to their operations. Now, with Shipeezi Shipment Tracking, organisations of all sizes can obtain the same visibility as the large multinationals at a fraction of the cost”.

Ferri explained that with Shipeezi Shipment Tracking, small shippers can track every shipment, from port of origin to port of destination for just $5 a container and even offer the first 60 shipments for free.

“The platform also gives users the ability to create workflows and branded automations to keep their customers and stakeholders in the loop” said Ferri.

Shipeezi launched their Shipment Tracking version in The United States at the International Association of Movers 60th Annual Conference in early November and has already started to see a significant increase in their US customer base.

“Technology should always empower your staff, and that has been the hallmark of what we have built at Shipeezi. We don’t want our platform to be yet another piece of software that teams need to integrate into their operation” says Ferri.

Instead, Shipeezi pride themselves on being a global integrator.

The product tracks 99% of the world’s shipping containers, and this year alone has tracked a whopping 266 million containers; not a small task by any measure.

Shipeezi Shipment Tracking aims to end fragmentation by allowing users to manage and control shipments from one platform, removing the need to rely on multiple pieces of software or spreadsheets.


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