The Last Mile: How Technology is Solving One of the Supply Chain’s Biggest Pain Points

Mar 15, 2023

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Last-mile delivery has always been a challenge in the supply chain industry. It involves delivering goods from a transportation hub to the final destination, which can be a home or a business. With the rise of e-commerce and the changing expectations of customers, last-mile delivery has become even more critical. Fortunately, technology is reshaping last-mile delivery in exciting ways.


At the forefront of this change is Shipeezi. We understand the importance of keeping up with the latest technological advancements to provide our customers with an efficient and seamless last-mile delivery experience. Here are some of the ways technology is reshaping last-mile delivery:

Real-Time Tracking and Visibility
With the help of technology, it is now possible to track deliveries in real-time. This allows customers to know exactly when their packages will arrive, giving them more control and flexibility over their schedules. At Shipeezi, we use GPS tracking to monitor our vehicles and provide real-time updates to our customers. This allows us to adjust our routes, manage delays, and ensure timely delivery.

Data and Analytics
Data and analytics are playing an increasingly important role in last-mile delivery. By analyzing data on delivery routes, traffic patterns, and customer preferences, companies like Shipeezi can optimize their operations and improve the overall customer experience. We use data to predict demand, plan our routes, and identify areas for improvement. This enables us to make data-driven decisions and deliver a more personalized and efficient experience to our customers.


Last mile pain points solved with technology

Automation and Robotics
Automation and robotics are transforming last-mile delivery by increasing efficiency and reducing costs. At Shipeezi, we use automated dispatching and tracking systems to reduce manual intervention and improve delivery speed and accuracy. We are also exploring the use of drones and autonomous vehicles to deliver packages faster, more efficiently, and with fewer emissions.

Collaborative Logistics
Collaborative logistics is a new trend in last-mile delivery that is being enabled by technology. It involves using crowdsourced delivery networks, where individuals or businesses can sign up to deliver packages in their spare time. By leveraging this network, companies like Shipeezi can reduce delivery times and costs while providing more flexible and localised delivery options for their customers.

In conclusion, technology is reshaping last-mile delivery in exciting ways. By using real-time tracking, data and analytics, automation and robotics, and collaborative logistics, companies like Shipeezi can provide a more efficient, personalised, and cost-effective last-mile delivery experience to their customers. We believe that technology will continue to play an increasingly important role in the future of last-mile delivery, and we are committed to staying at the forefront of this change to provide our customers with the best possible service.

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